Isaac McSwan – Undergraduate Accountant

Isaac was born and raised in Brisbane.  As a student he fell in love with accounting and upon finishing school he started with the QLD Accounting Group and began studying at Griffith University. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce – Majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning.

Interesting facts about Isaac:  Isaac was the chess captain of the best team in Brisbane and at school he was an actor who wrote, directed and starred in his own version of Hamlet.

More about Isaac:

1.   What are you most grateful for? Australian-born and healthy.

2.   How do you spend your free time? Reading books, following news stories about the world.

3.   What are you an expert on? Is it because of training, lived experience or both? Geography, I've always loved learning about countries, their names, populations, GDP per capita and basic information about them.

4.   Your favourite AM and PM drink? AM drink: coffee, PM drink: Corona.

5.   What is your favourite YouTube video? Art Williams Just Do It speech (20 minute version).

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