Rhiannon Ward - Client Services Administrator

Rhiannon was born and raised in Brisbane.  She started her career in hospitality where she focussed on customer service establishments including SeaWorld Nara Resort and Treasury Casino.  Upon completing her Diploma of Business in 2012 she took some time out to care for her 2 beautiful children.  Returning to the workforce in 2014 she worked in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable until she started with the Qld Accounting Group in 2015.

Interesting facts about Rhiannon: In primary school Rhiannon won first place in a poetry competition for four years running and she currently has a rock collection including Amethyst, Citrine Quarts and Agate.

More about Rhiannon:

1.   What are you most grateful for? A Happy and healthy family.

2.   How do you spend your free time? Binge watching Netflix.

3.   What are you an expert on? Is it because of training, lived experience or both? The art of Googling.

4.   Your favourite AM and PM drink? AM drink: Milo , PM drink: Canadian Club and Dry. 

5.   What is your favourite YouTube video? Man fighting with goat.

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